A Voice, Amongst Others

The name of this blog is a tribute to the Poem by Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish titled “Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone?”

I was not born in Palestine, I spent my childhood years there, and the time, the impressions, like water of a baby dipped in its first baptism, were divine yet in time dried. I remember faintly.

I recently visited again for the summer of 2010 and it was not at all the same.

“Was I ever even here?” I thought to myself.

But then sensations heralded the arrival of faint memories. The taste of a ripe plum and of a green almond, the scents in Ramallah of Shawarma and of smoke, the cries of donkeys and the chatter of chickens. Slowly I saw the pieces…how long will it take me to put them together?

I was there, in the West Bank, but I was still looking for home.

This is my journey home, lost in between boarders, and speaking to you.

Yet I am still also Russian, my Palestine has steered my humanity, but in the end I am an American also. This is my story.

3 thoughts on “A Voice, Amongst Others

  1. Very nice poetry. I enjoyed reading the posts abt Palestine. We Palestinian Americans (and in the diaspora) are constantly trying to define ourselves. Keep it up!

  2. No problem!! I’m a writer too, though a journalist. Feel free to subscribe to my articles on Facebook or add me on twitter (i’m just starting it). My name is Eman Shurbaji. Ramadan kareem!!!

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