An Old Friend

We wrestled beneath the tomato vines,
Our elbows and knees beneath a broken cage,
Finding each other when no one was looking…
With dirt in our hair, and smiles in our eyes.

I listened in the garden until dark.
Prayers passed,
And the billows of sage rose from
The kettles in town.

What words were you forced to leave with?


We are
Consumed by the wind,
As the autumn leaves
That leap from the hillsides.

So we write,
With our darkest ink,
Passages in the sky…
Letting our afterthoughts
Mingle in the gardens
Of heaven
Like careless birds
In early spring.

…testing the emptiness
Of existence,
We listen through the silence
For Grace.

And she says,

“Wake up…”

With the tap of morning dew
Upon my ear.


Morning Dew