Part 2

It can be said of the wind,
That mad it may one send…
Lover to neither stranger nor friend…
Fooling time in her pretend.
And as the wind may go
And I … move along
I’ll wander wondering how
Indifference holds a tongue.

Were I a kiss upon your brow
Wherever you may be,
For a moment on such skin
God has spun so delicately,
I’d find refuge from the wind
Until the wind has taken me
Until again my friend,
I’ll wish I was a lover of thee.

Far into the temple of time
My refuge awaits in kind
There I’ll wander aimlessly
And court words foolishly.
In every language ever heard
I’ll sing and stumble words,
And disavow the aged mind
Between shimmering singing vines.

A Harrowing Song

It was an odd hour
Of the night,
My mind astray,
Tired, my sight.

My back to the wall
Speaking to dreams,
Long did time call,
Little did he need.

Darkness before me,
A cursed mistress…
I pleaded for mercy
And she fancied less.

Then the sounds came
Ever familiar
Until almost by name
And yet simpler.

So the snow would sing
Behind these beams.
Sown in ice and wind,
Lady winter softly speaks.