A winter ago…

A breath of life
Nudged the Barents,
As a mother would
Her child.

So I was lifted,
Waiting for the sun,
As the sky swelled
With a foreign light.

I thought of you
Where I would
Think of myself…

The sound of light
Was enough,
As winter
Traced her nails
Across my face,
Burning whispers
Layed gently
Upon my skin,
To remind me
The taste
Of you.

An Old Friend

We wrestled beneath the tomato vines,
Our elbows and knees beneath a broken cage,
Finding each other when no one was looking…
With dirt in our hair, and smiles in our eyes.

I listened in the garden until dark.
Prayers passed,
And the billows of sage rose from
The kettles in town.

What words were you forced to leave with?