A winter ago…

A breath of life
Nudged the Barents,
As a mother would
Her child.

So I was lifted,
Waiting for the sun,
As the sky swelled
With a foreign light.

I thought of you
Where I would
Think of myself…

The sound of light
Was enough,
As winter
Traced her nails
Across my face,
Burning whispers
Layed gently
Upon my skin,
To remind me
The taste
Of you.

Winter-Day 2

A winter wind arrived too soon,

Spilling spirits of a memory forth.

An embittered song of the North

Soaked my will with her tune.

She howled and cried and covered

The gorgeous Autumn colors,

And beat upon my wooden door,

And scratched upon my rusted shutters.

She tucked me in as a mother

Would lay her child to rest…

As night and day tottered together

Drunk near death in winters nest.