After I was taken

My Beloved’s angels
Kidnapped me !
…into the sun
And brought me before
Our eternal birthplace.
As you filled my pages
With light
I grew blind and cried,
Is this why you chose
To tuck me away
Beneath your salty waters
And ancient flour?

Today I stumbled
Into my sisters garden…
I saw the Earth surrender
Beneath motherly fingers,
And I felt the rain
Dance to her hum.
Did you send
That Mocking Jay
To hound me
When a miracle’s
Veil of decency
Was lifted by the wind,
When just the day before
I was
So overwhelmed?

My Beloved
Has promised to me
The meaning of love,
I will be waiting for you!
I have learned to
Dress in my ignorance,
Holding, in one hand
The other
An unexpected friend.


We are
Consumed by the wind,
As the autumn leaves
That leap from the hillsides.

So we write,
With our darkest ink,
Passages in the sky…
Letting our afterthoughts
Mingle in the gardens
Of heaven
Like careless birds
In early spring.

…testing the emptiness
Of existence,
We listen through the silence
For Grace.

And she says,

“Wake up…”

With the tap of morning dew
Upon my ear.


Morning Dew

the blind man and the rain

As the rain returns
To its dark earthly slumber,
The blind man,
Feels the sun upon his eyes,
And a stirring is born
In the clouds.
When your cinnamon kiss
Rests upon the newborn wind,
The earth chases it,
Leaving mountains in its struggle.
He hears the rivers fall,
And baths in the thoughtless lakes.
It rains, when the winds of love
Forget your kiss,
And when everything
Is eager to remember you again.