The Adult and Child

Your inner child speaks to me
From a time we’ll never know,
From a far away moment
Let from a God’s stolen bow.
“…Collapse with me
Beyond films of certainty.
There is nothing to forget,
Oh the moments not yet met!”
“Let us go where we haven’t been,
Somewhere not alone.
And far is a lovely place.

…a place between far and home.”

the blind man and the rain

As the rain returns
To its dark earthly slumber,
The blind man,
Feels the sun upon his eyes,
And a stirring is born
In the clouds.
When your cinnamon kiss
Rests upon the newborn wind,
The earth chases it,
Leaving mountains in its struggle.
He hears the rivers fall,
And baths in the thoughtless lakes.
It rains, when the winds of love
Forget your kiss,
And when everything
Is eager to remember you again.