The Adult and Child

Your inner child speaks to me
From a time we’ll never know,
From a far away moment
Let from a God’s stolen bow.
“…Collapse with me
Beyond films of certainty.
There is nothing to forget,
Oh the moments not yet met!”
“Let us go where we haven’t been,
Somewhere not alone.
And far is a lovely place.

…a place between far and home.”

To my sister

You are a temple for lost souls,

Who seek not scripture but rest.

For your doors are never closed

And spring runs childishly about.


And when the harsh winds of winter

Come bellowing from the North,

They are tempered in their shame,

Settling in their youth, beneath your eyes.


Life will not find your secret,

As she is blind to her self.

Though time will remember your refuge,

And forever find you, his rest.


Day 8

When a day was just like so
And made still of stubborn crow,
I had thoughts I couldnt lose,
So they say of summer blues.

I then set out to find a friend
Out where our pastures end
And I found him where he stayed
Neath the oak that even’n swayed.

Where our younger days would walk
There wed have time taken talk,
There our thoughts met our dreams,
There they fell, lost by no means.