After I was taken

My Beloved’s angels
Kidnapped me !
…into the sun
And brought me before
Our eternal birthplace.
As you filled my pages
With light
I grew blind and cried,
Is this why you chose
To tuck me away
Beneath your salty waters
And ancient flour?

Today I stumbled
Into my sisters garden…
I saw the Earth surrender
Beneath motherly fingers,
And I felt the rain
Dance to her hum.
Did you send
That Mocking Jay
To hound me
When a miracle’s
Veil of decency
Was lifted by the wind,
When just the day before
I was
So overwhelmed?

My Beloved
Has promised to me
The meaning of love,
I will be waiting for you!
I have learned to
Dress in my ignorance,
Holding, in one hand
The other
An unexpected friend.