Songbirds from our Mountain

Blood  whistles upon my lips
Like songbirds from our mountain
That make their seldom trips
When Western clouds surround them.

As we rush into our homes,
Crows roam a land alone,
And their song, on what war exhumes…
Until earthen clouds fall undone.

And as we weep a vulture hovers…
My eyes are closed and yours.
Teach me unlike the others…
As gossip on a summer’s doors.

I open my eyes and then I hear
The dry whisper of almond trees.
How can we stay here
Hope is little, the crows are near.

2 thoughts on “Songbirds from our Mountain

  1. I don’t know almond trees, is what part of my reaction to this beautiful poem was, and I am glad to learn from you about how they whisper, and about birds and mountains and home.

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