Garden of Sage

Wild horses… we bowed to taste morning dew,
The spirit dawn drew in gardens of sage.
We then cantered, it was then we both knew.

The Gods of Sumer lived in silence,
For our hearts reveled in the desert
When sage blossoms hid our penitence.

The wind carried our voices far away,
And far away we felt our voices fall.
We then thought that there we would also stay

Yet as wind swayed our nightly song,
He neared a desert’s aimless dunes.
That he did for a time we both thought long.

In our memory the wind is the same
As the whispers we spread in the garden
Where the sage’s parfum settled our name.

He thrust his self into me, into you,
Before our garden fell beneath his sand.
It was only then…then we were young too.