At a still dawn

Our earth awakes to a call.
From within itself a voice
Lays truth, an amber spell.

She pulls across her body
The sunlight shawl of morning,
Across amber fields of barley,
The swell of dew filled dreaming .

Two golden seas mix, this instant,
And truths blend,indifferent;
For what is taken… is uplifted.

Let the leaves of the olive tree,
Let a past’s youthful brew.
Let me hear their silence be
A prayer she listens to.

I dont usually ask for input, but I’d love to hear your reactions to this one if you may :).

~Love and Peace


3 thoughts on “At a still dawn

  1. I have to give you mad props for this one, I really enjoyed reading it. The entire poem came to life with the brilliant imagery,everything flowed beautifully. I have never been to Falesteen, and this just makes me more anxious to see it for myself. I’m not one to give compliments freely, so I say kudos sir 🙂 Oh, not sure if you noticed though, but at the end there is a misspelling where it should be hear instead of here. Awesome job regardless!

    1. Thanks :). What I tried to do is create an imagery of the object without actually involving it. And once you see a Palestinian morning someday, hopefully you’ll be as taken as I was!

  2. This is all the deliciousness of waking up to a dewy morning, before you’ve quite come into yourself again, unconscious of anything but the beauty of the vision.

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