Fledgling Words

May your words
Flutter into my ear
Like stories
Our ancestors told…
Singing the ecstasy
Of golden summers,
Nesting the prayers
Of winters old.

Where are your eyes?
Behind them.
There your sun was born,
And since…?
Oh the winds
Life has known,
Oh the winds
They carry chance.

Of our fledgling words
An almond honey dew
Springs in a shiver of downy
In a way tongue cannot bloom .

Story of a Storm- Day 10

A stranger has left my town

Leaving the skies tired and gray,

And pine bristles to softly sound

As the wind chased him away.

He left for us a chill that settled

Hushing all that wake to song,

And an emptiness that meddled

In the human breath for long.

Even so outside I took

A little afterward walk.

Beside the keeping brook

I listened to a little talk.

Where I’m sure I listened to

A story silence covered…

A gentle truth that few knew

In this stream of his lingered.