A single thought of you

A single thought of you
Speaks to me,
As a wellspring of joy;
And I am Ecstasy’s brother,
Withholding in your depth…
A quiet witness
To the wild humanity
Thirsty for herself.

A single thought of you
Blooms a garden
Where butterflies
Returning from pilgrimage,
Forfeiting their colors,
Forgetting their wings…
They carpet your terrace
With the colors of the wind.

A single thought of you
Forgets my blood
And betroths the world.
Find me in the tears
Of this communion,
Waiting in the alleys
Of mankind’s scripture,
Building with forgotten words.

Fledgling Words

May your words
Flutter into my ear
Like stories
Our ancestors told…
Singing the ecstasy
Of golden summers,
Nesting the prayers
Of winters old.

Where are your eyes?
Behind them.
There your sun was born,
And since…?
Oh the winds
Life has known,
Oh the winds
They carry chance.

Of our fledgling words
An almond honey dew
Springs in a shiver of downy
In a way tongue cannot bloom .

A winter ago…

A breath of life
Nudged the Barents,
As a mother would
Her child.

So I was lifted,
Waiting for the sun,
As the sky swelled
With a foreign light.

I thought of you
Where I would
Think of myself…

The sound of light
Was enough,
As winter
Traced her nails
Across my face,
Burning whispers
Layed gently
Upon my skin,
To remind me
The taste
Of you.